22 Short Rimfire Ammo

.22 Short: Developed in the United States in 1857, the .22 Short was America’s first metal cartridge. It was initially intended as a self-defense round in early Smith and Wesson revolvers. Although some pocket pistols are still made, and the .22 is chambered, it is now used primarily in rifles for game and target shooting.

What does the name 22LR mean?

.22 Long Rifle: .22 Long Rifle (commonly known as ‘.22LR’) j. The Stevens Arms and Tool Company made the .22 Long case in 1887 by combining it with 40-grain bullets. .22 Extra Long.

First, a 22 CB cap box is smaller than a 22 short and has a lighter bullet, compared to the 22 fast 29 GR 1045 at 18 GR 720 fps. 22 CB is used for short ranges where sound is more of a problem than popping.

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