Cheap 22 Long Rifle Ammo

It’s not a good 22 LONG idea to carry a 22LR or use one for home defense. While certainly better than a sharp stick to the eye, even the most potent 22LR loadout is anemic compared to a 32 ACP. If this isn’t your only option, don’t use the 22LR.

Why is it called a 22 rifle?

A 25 percent increase in gunpowder gave the same 29-grain bullet a velocity of 1,028 fps from a rifle. Since the case was long, this cartridge got its title. 22 Long and renamed the main point. 22 shorts.

Is Rimfire better than Centerfire?

The centrifugal ammunition casing is not useless after firing because the primer sits on top of the cartridge base. This gives Centerfire Amo a massive advantage over Rimfire. Centerfire cartridges often carry heavy projectiles. This allows for more accurate shots at long distances.

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