Best .30-30 Ammo For Hunting

30-30 rounds of ammunition is a rifle cartridge designed for smokeless powder in the United States. It was first used in the Winchester model lever-action rifle, released in 1895. It has excellent ballistics and accuracy.

30-30 What are ammunition used for?

.30-30 Ammo Winchester ammunition was first introduced to the firearms industry over 100 years ago and is commonly used in other single-shot weapons such as lever-action hunting rifles or revolvers.

What does 30 30 mean in Winchester Rifle?

The original .30-30 Ammo Winchester cartridge was the .30 Winchester Centerfire or .30 Winchester Smokeless. The nickname “.30-30” came about because Marilyn didn’t want the Winchester name to do anything to her (Marlin’s) product. The second “30” is the 30 grains of smokeless powder used in the round at that time.

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