280 Ammunition

The .280 pushes 140-grain bullets at 2,950 to 3,000 fps, 150-grain bullets at 2,890 fps, and 160-grain bullets at 2,780 fps. Ammo is available from Remington, Federal, Winchester, Hornady, Norma, Nosler and many more. An equal number of rifles are available at 280 Remington.

280 is a good caliber?

310, with a medium sectional density, compared to 30-06 180-grain bullets. 271. 280 Suitable for hunting any game in North America with good shot placement.

The 280 Remington factory load has a virtually identical trajectory to it. 270Winchester. However, the cartridge fires large-diameter bullets that are usually heavy. These bullets are much more resistant to airflow and have more power when traveling below range.

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